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Winter Solstice

Astrologically speaking winter solstice marks the beginning of Capricorn season or Cardinal movement, it is during this time that the sun dies and is born again. We move deeper into the dark incubation period where Winter pushes us deeper into the darkness for reflection, clarity, strategy, and dominion. This day represents the stillness and the welcoming of the darkness. Then as we move through Christmas we celebrate the light, and the connection, harmony, and growth they will bring. From here the days will continue to grow longer, warmer, and brighter. While we still have some time in the darkness this day reminds us that we are resurrected, we live, we grow, and we thrive and we must go through the darkness in order to get to the light. We understand the importance of the turning point that the darkness brings and we celebrate and welcome it with open arms. Take some time today to rest in peace and embrace the stillness. Acknowledge the endings, make peace with the losses you've taken, take a moment to grieve, nurture yourself with compassion, cleanse, clear and create space.

This is a profound time to cleanse, purify, and prioritize so I do recommend cleansing your home thoroughly, decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t use and even maybe a burn and release ceremony where you write some things down that you want to let go of and burn them in a fire safe bowl. Pay attention and dedicate some time to the sun today. Indulge in some sun salutations, and if you did not catch the sunrise definitely try to catch the sunset. Celebrate and express your gratitude and try this grounding road opening mediation.

Winter Solstice Tarot Spread

What's hiding in the darkness / my subconscious that I need to explore?

What will give me strength as I face my shadow self?

What must I work to release during this season of rest?

What aspect of my life most requires hibernation?

How will this hibernation benefit me?

What lessons can I learn from this season?

Questions to Consider

What potential does the darkness hold for me?

What vision is emerging for the future?

What can I release energetically or physically?

What can I complete?

What lesson am I most grateful for this year?

What dreams are emerging within me in this time of darkness?

How do I intend to emerge when the light returns?

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