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Venus in Pisces + The Love Sex Pain Report

Venus is in Pisces from 1/26 until 2/20 this energy reminds us to enjoy the little things in love and appreciate our earthly experiences through compassion, connection, pleasure, and nature. It is here that we become more giving and transformative in love however at the same time we must be mindful not to become too idealistic or allow our rose colored lenses to cloud the reality of situations. We crave depth and intimacy in love, but we are not afraid to let it flow freely and slowly. We may find that we are more emotionally attached or clingy than usual under this influence. A sort of trance of love comes over us with this transit, but on the dark side we need to make sure we don’t allow ourselves to become too self sacrificing in love, and also shy away from possessiveness and jealousy as it will likely cause unnecessary confrontations. Be wary of overstepping boundaries with coworkers, as Pisces blurs the line between the personal and the professional.

In terms of career and finances Venus in Pisces might your head in the clouds. We will be in sort of a foggy dream state with this energy. Try to stay focused, present, and strategic in your work. It is ok to dream but be mindful not to jump too far ahead. Afterall, you can not fit the next 10 years into the next 30 days. Do what you can with the 30, work smart so you don’t have to work as hard later. This is a great time to build momentum and get the ball rolling. We are retrograde free and Venus is in the dreamy and expansive sign of Pisces aligned right up with our planet of dreams Neptune. This can really be a magical time if you allow it.

How Venus in Pisces Will Affect You Based On Your Sign

Aries You may take some sudden financial losses this month and your heart may feel heavy with. Overall stress. Try not to be too hard on yourself and avoid isolating. Surround yourself with love if you can, you will find that this transit brings many mixed emotions and mood swings for you. Don’t misdirect your fire power. New relationships are unlikely to develop under this influence, its best to focus on nurturing the ones you have, or personal growth.

Taurus Prosperity, magnetism, and inheritance are likely as we move through this transit for Taurus natives. If you have been working hard and being open, generous, and receptive you will find yourselves being generously repaid. You will be possessive under this influence, be mindful to remember that your people are your supporters and companions, not your possessions. If you have been stuck in a financial rut, you will find that magnetism, abundance, and assistance come easier, use that to your advantage where necessary.

Gemini You may find yourselves a bit paranoid and isolated under this influence. Disputes may arise within your workplace or circle for associates. You really will be more so focused on financial matters and work than love so you might find that your relationships or dating life begins to take a back seat. You may also feel like your energy is depleted which can lead to physical ailments be sure to rest when you need to and get enough sleep.

Cancer You are curious, explorative, and adventurous as we transit this energy. You are seeking new experiences complete with new people, places, and things. As of late things have been feeling a bit stale, and this is your opportunity to step outside of the box. This is a great time to give yourself a getaway, do some self assessing and really ask yourself what you want, what you value, what you believe, and how you really want to feel and express yourself in love. Your wit and sharp tongue will be activated so watch your words!

Leo Relationships started during this time are likely to come along with longevity. You will find that you attract partners who are much more generous and willing to contribute to your needs, especially financially. Your magnetism is at an all time high and things overall are likely to work in your favor under this influence. You need to be mindful of the emotional manipulation you are capable of and make sure you don’t burn any bridges you may need to cross later. Also watch the desire to over indulge in food and or alcohol.

Virgo Your protection and peace are heightened as we move through this energy. You will find that your sex drive, sensuality, and powers of seduction are increased. There may be a fear of loss or like a feeling that things are just too good to be true. Don’t allow that to lull you into self sabotage. Take this time to open your heart and receive the love you secretly yearn for. Its ok, you lose no cool points, we all need a little love sometimes.

Libra Relationships in the workplace are likely to improve and if you have been having issues with your mother or a brother those are likely to be resolved. You may feel that you're being tested in some ways socially, but keep your cool. This is a test. Don't bow it by compiling too much onto your head and heart then exploding at inopportune moments. Just protect yourself and when things come u speak up, when you need a social break take it!

Scorpio Your charm, magnetism, and sensuality are heightened under this influence. You will find that your sexual appetite increases, your need for romance is at an all time high, and your soft spoken, humble, mysterious nature works in your favor. All I have to say is the mojo is there so work it! Creatively, romantically, and career wise you're likely to see an increase.

Sag You may find that you become more so focused on fixing family and domestic issues during this time. If you are currently dating some one romance is likely to increase however, if you're single its unlikely that you will feel comfortable being vulnerable enough to allow something new to blossom. You need to learn to detach a bit and bring balance between your familial responsibilities and your own personal needs of the heart. Trust yourself you've got this.

Cap This is a favorable time for you. You will find that conflicts with immediate family and or enemies is diminished if not completely resolved. Finances under this influence are highly likely to increase or improve overall. You will be more open to communicating an sharing your ideas which will probably garner some much needed support. In love you will be seeking intellectual intimacy and mental stimulation most. As you nurture your mind, the body will respond.

Aquarius Your relationships are likely to deepen during this time and your heart is open and receptive. You will find yourself wanting more for yourself and craving a more prosperous experience. Lean into that energy and the vision that it brings. If you have children, you may find that you begin to feel closer or even more protective of them under this influence. Be mindful not to over do it and create an overbearing structure. Also, keep your expectations realistic both for yourself and your loved ones.

Pisces You are ready for love both platonic and romantic and you have no fear of putting yourself out there. You will find that your sensual desire and attraction increase. This is a great energy to use for committing fully to a budding relationship or deepening the commitment in a relationship you're already in. If you are beginning a new relationship be mindful not to jump too far ahead. Take it slow and easy. Music and art will get you through if you're grieving or feeling a loss emotionally and need a pick me up.

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