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Scorpio Season

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Scorpio Season Predictions

Fixed Signs( Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo): You need to make sure that you are taking actions with the right motives and not moving forward with malice in your heart. The energy you put into your environment during this season will be heavily reflected back to you, and it is very important that you build community, and balance between your mind, body, and spirit. Get them all in agreement and if they are not pause before you move or speak. You have the virtue to reflect, the wisdom the know , and the discernment to effectively guard and guide your relationships. Get back to trusting yourself by unburdening with grace. You are preparing for new beginnings.

Mutable Signs( Sag, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces): You may find that things slow down for you financially, you are a little more hesitant to take action, and you are more isolated and guarded as we move through Scorpio season. It seems for mutable signs this Scorpio energy will bring a draining seriousness that slows you down . Remember to embrace play and pleasure when you find yourself taking things too seriously or feeling overwhelmed. Let your hair down and remember to laugh, joy breeds abundance. Don’t allow your old fears to surface and regain power over you. Remember babes change is the strong suit for mutables.

Cardinal Signs( Cap, Aries, Libra, Cancer): Its time for you to create a new story for yourself. Even if that means starting from scratch and humbling yourself to admit you may not know what you're doing or where you're going but you know that spirit is leading you into a new direction. Let go of the old stories you’ve told yourself about your insufficiency, inconsistencies, lack of discipline, doubt, strife, struggle, lack, and pain. The more you love yourself, the more of yourself you can share with others. You have the energy and capacity to complete every task and fight through any challenge that comes your way. Start writing that story of truth, empowerment, and abundance. You've got this.

Scorpio Season Breakdown

During Scorpio season the main focus is transformation and desire. We investigate the current environments and relationships around us. We explore the hidden depths of our shadows and review the intimacy we have either neglected or nurtured in order to restore or maintain balance. There is an emotional shedding that comes with actionable sacrifice.

Deep resentments, abandonment issues, trust issues, and vengeful spirits of rage are revealed at this time in order for us to face our demons and choose to slay them or make peace with them so that we may better control the ways in which they impact us. Scorpio season can be heavy, relentless, and overwhelming however it comes with a cleansing baptism of waters and fire that guide us clearly, honestly, and strategically into he evolution and harvests to come as we move through the last phase of the year.

As things become darker, more still, and redemptive Scorpio offers a burning light. The kind that hurts your eyes when you first turn it on, but you needed it to find the thing you’ve been looking for the past ten minutes. Buckle up babes. It will be a bumpy ride, but if you are ready for truth and change you will be just fine.

Scriptures for Scorpio Season

  • Psalms 51 for cleansing, forgiveness, letting go, and repentance

  • Psalms 91 for redemption, renewal, and protection

Scorpio Season Meditation : The veil is thin so use this meditation to connect with your spirit guides and ancestors and receive any messages that may await you. Go into it with a question or concern and allow yourself to relax deeply. I would recommend journaling afterwards. Spirit Guide & Higher Self Hypnosis

Transits To Remember

Oct 23 Venus entered Scorpio This energy is intense and all consuming. It craves depth, intimacy, passion, and adventure. With Venus in Scorpio we want our relationships to mean something. We are not seeking empty, mindless connections and we want more than anything to indulge in relationships that can aide in our transformation and or reflection. Meaningless texting, small talk on the phone, and outings for the sake of aesthetic alone will not be favored. We will all have higher expectations for ourselves and those we love under this influence.

Oct 25 New Moon SOLAR Eclipse in Scorpio This new moon solar eclipse is initiating us into rebirth. It is a call for surrender, sacrifice, and spiritual commitment, this is a time to release and detach from old concepts that limit your truth or stifle your transformation.

Oct 29 Mercury enters Scorpio This energy forces us to dig deep and ask the real questions that lead to truth. We might find that things that have seemed hidden or coded in the media begin to make more sense. In business conversations we will be more private and selective regarding our collaborations. We are not looking for small talk or simple hellos and how do you dos. We want conversations of substance, we crave intellectual intimacy, and we are quick witted and sharp at the tongue so watch your mouths. Be kind.

Oct 28 Jupiter Rx enters Pisces Jupiter in Pisces retrograde forces us to re-evaluate our compassion and our ability to use our emotions in order to connect deeper with not only ourselves, but with spirit, and within the reflections or relationships surrounding us. We are being asked to check in with ourselves and ask if we are truly emotionally fulfilled and if not what exactly we still desire. This energy reminds us to find balance, peace, and love first within ourselves and then expect it to radiate back to us in the form of opportunity, compassion, wisdom, and grace.

Oct 30 Mars Retrograde in Gemini this transit can be heavy and overwhelming because our brains are illuminated and inspired with curiosity, passion, and drive. While this may sound like a good thing it can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, over analyzation and burn out. We may find that we are so exhausted from contemplating our tasks, desires, and needs that we have trouble taking action. We can become gluttons for punishment, self doubt, and be very hard on ourselves with this energy. I encourage you to find a practice that helps you get out of your head and into your body. Practice accepting yourself where you are and as you are, be kind and gracious with yourself. You deserve it.

Nov 1 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn during this time we will be coming down from the emotional highs and lows of the new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. We will be more practical and visionary about intentions and forward movement ahead. Avoid getting lazy, isolating, or biting your tongue when you actually need to be speaking up. Affirm the shedding and release you did with the new moon and pray a prayer of protection and prosperity over yourself as we move through this energy.

Nov 8 Full Moon LUNAR Eclipse (Total) 16 Taurus 01' Will detail in full moon blog

Nov 16 Venus enters Sagittarius Our intensity dies down and we become more light hearted in love. What we want most is to be able to have fun, explore, and learn from our partners. We become less detached and liberate ourselves from the heavy revelations of the heart we felt moving through Venus in Scorpio to welcome back in pleasure, expansion, and joy.

Nov 17 Mercury enters Sagittarius We come out of the covert secrecy and isolation of mercury in Scorpio to live, blunt and direct with mercury in Sagittarius. We say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we are not afraid to ask questions. There still may be an investigative side to us under this influence however, we are more so intellectually investigative than emotionally investigative.

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