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Purge & Progress Challenge Recap

Week 1: Cleansing and Block Busting

We began this challenge with a 3 day fast, and this definitely set the tone. During the first week of the Purge & Progress Challenge, we embarked on a powerful journey of cleansing and breaking through the barriers that have hindered our progress

;we found inspiration in Psalms 68. This psalm speaks of God's power and victory over enemies, and it resonated deeply as we embarked on our journey of cleansing and breaking through obstacles. Just as the psalmist celebrates the removal of adversaries, we channeled this energy to clear away stagnant energy and create space for growth. As we recited Psalms 68, we reminded ourselves that with divine support, we can overcome any barriers in our path. Together, we engaged in rituals and practices aimed at clearing away stagnant energy, making space for growth and transformation. As we released old patterns and limitations, a sense of renewal and purification began to wash over us. This week set the stage for the transformative journey ahead, teaching us that letting go of the old is essential for embracing the new. Here we were able to identify the rotten roots, remove them, and start with a fresh clean slate.

Week 2: Healing & Opening the Heart

In Week 2, our focus shifted towards emotional healing and opening our hearts. We delved deep into our past wounds, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and releasing long-held pain. Psalms 69 guided us through the process of emotional healing and opening our hearts. This psalm expresses feelings of distress and suffering, reflecting the challenges we faced as we delved into our past wounds. Yet, it also speaks of seeking God's presence and restoration. Just as the psalmist turns to the divine for solace, we drew strength from the teachings of Psalms 69 to release old pain and open ourselves to love and compassion. This emotional exploration was at times challenging, but as we supported one another through shared experiences, we discovered the strength that comes from embracing our vulnerabilities. This week reminded us that healing is a vital step on the path to personal growth, and by opening ourselves up to love and compassion, we laid the foundation for a more authentic and empowered existence.

Week 3: Peace, Priorities, and Protection

Week 3 ushered in a sense of inner peace, as we learned techniques to cultivate tranquility amidst the chaos of life. We worked together to set priorities, aligning our focus with what truly matters. Additionally, we established protective measures to shield our energy from negativity, both internal and external. The collective commitment to finding balance and creating a harmonious environment led to a profound sense of stability and empowerment.Psalms 72 served as our guide during Week 3, emphasizing themes of peace, wisdom, and protection. This psalm offers a vision of a just and prosperous ruler, embodying the qualities we sought to cultivate within ourselves. As we focused on finding inner peace, setting priorities, and establishing a shield of protection around our energy, Psalms 72 provided a blueprint for creating a harmonious and balanced life. Psalms 72 also sets the stage for our abundance asking god to ensure we walk in glory, grace, and favor.

Week 4: Clarity and Road Opening

As we transitioned into Week 4, we found ourselves standing at the crossroads of clarity and new opportunities. This week held a special significance, as it followed an emotionally heavy period during Week 3. Taking a brief break allowed us to integrate our experiences, which created a powerful moment of reflection and growth. Psalms 112 illuminated our path to clarity and new opportunities. This psalm celebrates the blessings that come from living a righteous and generous life. As we engaged in practices designed to gain crystal-clear insights into our journeys, Psalms 112 reminded us of the rewards that await those who align their intentions with their actions. Just as the psalmist proclaims the prosperity of the upright, we embraced the potential for growth and expansion.With renewed focus, we engaged in practices that illuminated our paths, opening doors to new horizons. The beauty of this week was how it came full circle, reminding us that sometimes, stepping back allows us to move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

Week 5: Sacrifice & Commitment

Week 5 challenged us to embrace sacrifice and commit wholeheartedly to our personal growth and transformation. Together, we let go of habits, mindsets, and situations that no longer served our higher selves. The process was not without its challenges, but as we released the old, we created space for new energy and opportunities to flow in. Psalms 80 resonated with the themes of sacrifice and commitment that were central to our journey. This psalm is a heartfelt plea for divine restoration and renewal, symbolizing the sacrifices we made as we let go of old patterns and embraced a deep commitment to our personal growth. The words of Psalms 80 provided us with a source of guidance and strength, reminding us that just as the psalmist calls for divine intervention, we too can call upon higher energies to support our transformative endeavors. This week emphasized that growth requires both the courage to release and the commitment to move forward with intention.

Week 6: Welcoming Favor

Now, as we approach the final week of the Purge & Progress Challenge, we find ourselves aligning with positive energies and welcoming favor into our lives. The timing of this week holds a special significance, coinciding with the Leo New Moon—a celestial event known for its potent energy of creativity, self-expression, and manifesting desires.As we approach the final week of the Purge & Progress Challenge, Psalms 139 and Psalms 72 intertwine to guide us in welcoming favor into our lives. Psalms 139 celebrates the divine's intricate knowledge of our being, affirming our unique purpose and existence. Paired with Psalms 72's vision of abundance and prosperity, these psalms provide a powerful framework for aligning ourselves with positive energies and creating a receptive space for blessings to manifest. Just as Psalms 139 marvels at the Creator's intimate understanding, we marveled at the synchronicity of closing the challenge during the Leo New Moon, a cosmic symbol of new beginnings and limitless potential. As we come full circle, closing the challenge under the influence of this dynamic new moon, we are reminded of the cyclical nature of growth and the potential for new beginnings.

Conclusion: Navigating the Journey Ahead

As we stand on the cusp of Week 6, ready to embrace the energy of the Leo New Moon, we reflect on the transformative journey we've undertaken together. Each week has brought its own challenges, lessons, and moments of profound growth. From the initial cleansing to the emotional healing, finding peace, gaining clarity, making commitments, and now welcoming favor, we have traversed a path of self-discovery and empowerment. The Purge & Progress Challenge has demonstrated the power of discipline, consistency, prayer, intuition, and embracing our true callings. As we prepare to complete this transformative journey, we carry forward the wisdom gained, the connections forged, and the renewed sense of purpose that will guide us on the next phase of our individual and collective journeys. With the Leo New Moon lighting our way, we look forward to embracing the abundance, creativity, and blessings that await us in the days and weeks to come. Thank you to all who have engaged with, participated in, and shared this challenge. I hope you will take these lessons, benefits, and feelings of renewal with you. If you would like to intensify your practice, get the accountability you need, and connect deeper to spirit empowering your abundance by taking on this challenge 1 on 1 please visit and subscribe. Tap this link for access to all Purge & Progress video content

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