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New Moon in Virgo 8/27/2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Virgo season is about going within and embracing your inner light. After the flashy show of Leo season we are encouraged to withdraw, reflect, and rest in our hearts. We are asked to review the knowledge we have gained and celebrate the harvests. We are asked to make peace with any unresolved tension in our relationships, set and re-establish our boundaries, and understand the balance between over isolating ourselves, and making intentional social connections. Knowledge only becomes wisdom with application and Virgo season reminds us that sometimes our growth lies in the details within our own hearts, minds, intentions, and integrity.

This moon affirms the above energies and encourages us to get our houses in order and set stable and consistent routines towards growth. This energy is just what we need in thick of retrograde season. Set intentions towards order, clarity, balance, and healing and watch the seeds blossom joyfully. Virgo is the last of the personal signs the final stop before the our journey expands with the highs and lows of partnership, family, and society as we move into Libra through Pisces.It's best to set intentions on self improvement, prioritization, routine, and letting go of any lingering bad habits or toxic relationships/connections.

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Transits Affecting This Moon

Mars in Gemini square new moon in Virgo We have a strong drive and push to move forward and tap into our power, but we have a hard time staying focused and dedicated enough to overcome obstacles/difficulties. There is a sense of fearlessness and heightened creativity that will seem suppressed slightly due to a lack of clarity.

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus there may be signals that some abrupt changes are about to take place. We are being guided to accept and facilitate optimistic adjustments during this time.

Venus in Leo opp Saturn in Aquarius You may be hyper focused on what you don’t want or what isn't going right in your life and relationships than what is which can lead to feelings of isolation. Compromise is a lot easier said than done under this influence, and sometimes it might be best just to agree to disagree. It's ok to grow apart form people and realize you are on different pages in different books. This transit will hold us accountable for assessing, detaching, and releasing accordingly.

Mercury pre retrograde shadow in Libra This energy brings a haziness and lack of clarity to the forefront of our minds and communications The indecision causes procrastination and the need to be fair or inability to take a stand can lead to stagnation under this influence. We need to be mindful to mean what we say and actually take the time to do what we say we are going to do. I would recommend reading or rereading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The outer planets and two major asteroids Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Chiron, and Vesta are all in retrograde being encouraged to look at the past in order to make the most of our future. Don’t attempt to manifest and move continuously on mess. Take proper assessment, refine, cleanse, and redirect. This is a time when the details actually are pretty important.

Virgo New Moon Affirmations

  • I am divinely connected, protected, and guided

  • I enjoy my alone time, but understand that I can open myself up and am not limited to isolation.

  • I relax, surrender, and trust myself to give myself the nourishment and protection I need for my own development.

  • Everything that happens today serves my growth and I understand the more I give the more I receive

  • The more deeply I engage with life, the more comprehensive my insights and expansive my abundance will be

  • I am internally and externally rich and liberated, I enjoy everything thankfully and in surrender


Virgo New Moon Predictions & Processing

Mutables( Virgo, Sag, Gemini, Pisces): Trust your insight and allow the rose of recognition to blossom within your hearts. You are coming into a new version of yourself and the things around you may feel a bit unfamiliar. Relax, surrender and welcome the growth, the changes, and the lessons that come with it. you do not need confirmation or validation to decide to move on. This for you is a season of healing and new beginnings. Trust that even though you may not know the how, the what, or the why currently there's a version of yourself that does, your ancestors and spirit guides do, and in time so will you. Lean into the unknown, embrace the mystery, let go of what you think you know and who you think you know to make space for what's emerging. I think you'll thoroughly enjoy what greets you on the other side. Lead with your mutability, intuition, and wisdom as we move through virgo season, be willing to learn and adapt where necessary and watch the abundance unfold.

Fixed( Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio): You are being asked to have integrity, be clear, and learn how to ask for your needs to be met. Your confidence, stability, and security have carried you this far and now its time to communicate, align, and persevere. You need to check your surroundings and rearrange them to support clarity and centeredness. Its time to stop contemplating and anticipating. You have the clarity now to take strategic, secure action. Be kind to yourself and be receptive to the help or guidance of others. Virgo season is bringing you all a good balance of work and rest, make sure you use it wisely. Things may get testy, but stay focused, release the inner judgement and push through.

Cardinals(Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Cancer):Your prayers are being answered for your highest good. That might mean that some things you want are not going to manifest because in the long run they will mot serve you. /intuitively I think you know this, but youre resistant to shift your vision. Virgo season is going to force you to do just that. There may be some grand and daunting tasks ahead of you. It is time to let your work and your heart speak for themselves. Let go of avoidance, procrastination, and super woman/man syndrome. You can be vulnerable and receptive without diminishing yourself. Trust your discernment and understand that spirit is working with, for and through you at all times. Nurture that partnership and welcome the rebirth it comes with.

Questions to consider

  1. What areas or aspects of your life require assessment + analysis?

  2. What can you do to better promote routine and organization?

  3. What energies need to be embraced to actively promote your healing?

  4. What can you do to better promote the health, nourishment, and evolution of your physical body?


Virgo New Moon Ritual

You will need

  • A pen + A notebook or piece of paper that you don’t mind holding onto

  • A quiet place to sit outside

  • Lavender

  • Salt

  • A bath tub or shower


  • Write a letter to yourself embracing yourself as you are now and scripting what's to come over the next 6 months be detailed and specific about what you see, how you feel, and what you’ve accomplished

  • When you're done with your letter take it with you and find a quiet place outside

  • Sit comfortably where you have privacy and will not be interrupted.

  • Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

  • Silently call in the support of whatever spiritual forces or deities in which you believe or with whom you work.

  • Ask that you are supported and protected and that the highest good comes for all concerned. Now, invoke your higher Self as your inner guide and protector.

  • Know that your higher Self will be with you throughout this process and that you can trust your experiences as they will be guided from within.

  • Through the eyes, sensing, and knowing of your higher Self you begin to scan your physical and energetic body, beginning with your feet and moving up, through, and all around, the auric field around your body.

  • As you scan, notice any areas where you perceive darkness, blocking, stuckness, density, stickiness, smokiness, or fogginess … any area where the energy is distinctly thicker from the other areas of your body or your energetic field.

  • Make a mental note of each area that has any darkness or energetic overlay; any area that is distinctly different from the rest. Take your time.

  • Note any area that is, in any way, suspicious or of concern. Go up, around, and through your whole body until you finish at the top of your head.

  • You become aware of a presence. This presence is your Inner Healer. It may be an image or a voice or a feeling. How does your Inner Healer make itself known to you now? It has come to assist you in your balancing, healing, and renewal.

  • Affirm that you are incredibly connected to each other. Your Inner Healer knows exactly what you need.

  • You invite your Inner Healer to use all of its skill, wisdom, abilities, and resources in support of you now. The Inner Healer may become transparent and move energetically into your body to the areas and sites wherever support and healing are needed.

  • Close your eyes and continue to breath deeply imagining your Inner Healer begins making changes, working if necessary, like a surgeon, or a magician, or working like a spiritual deity with energy and the light of divine grace.

  • The Healer has all the tools and skills necessary to heal. You receive needed changes in your body structures. Your body is cleansed and balanced. Your body functions and organs are restored to perfect functioning, just the perfect amount of life-force energy is generated and maintained.

  • Affirm that Circulation is balanced and you are restored to comfort and well-being. New fully functioning cells are developing. Debris is eliminated from your body. The tissues are renewed, and the flow of energy is stimulated and restored.

  • Describe the changes you see and feel taking place. Speak aloud and breathe into the healing that you feel.

  • Your body, mind, and spirit work together with your Inner Healer in this healing ritual.

  • You take as much time as you need to feel and see that the healing is taking place right here, right now.

  • Note any additional aspects you wish to note from the experience when you are done and take a healing salt bath with some dill, lavender, salt, thyme, and rose. Remain in the bath for at least 20 mins. If you prefer to shower grab some lavender oil or make a lavender shower steamer with some salt and do it that way. I recommend taking the time to clean and reorganize your space as a part of this ritual as well.

  • After your bath you want to take your journal entry and place it on your altar or in your favorite bag or house plant. Give gratitude to your spirit guides, ancestors, and higher self, and declare your intentions aloud one final time.

Ase, so it is and so it shall be

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