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Love, Sex, Pain & The Venus Report

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Love Sex Pain Video Reading

Venus is in Capricorn from 12/9/2022-01/02/2023- This is a time of creative intensity and physical manifestation. The challenge during this transit is to push through our tasks with passion, purpose, and heart, not just drive. With Venus in Capricorn we wish to manage our love affairs on more of a practical level. We want to build relationships that are beneficial to our legacy, supportive of our ambitions, and helpful in the sharpening of our wisdom and mastery. It is not enough to simply look good or have attraction. There must be benefits, balance, and lessons in love as we transit this energy. We are forced to lean into discipline, commitment, and dedication. Our focus will likely lean more towards work, career, productivity, and strategy over hopeless romanticism. Practicality in love will serve us well.

12/22 Venus in cap trine Uranus in Taurus- This aspect will enhance our creativity, bring clarity to our vision, and incite breakthroughs as it relates to relationships, finances, and beauty. We will be less rigid and more able to follow the flow of our hearts.

12/28 Venus in Cap sextile Neptune in Pisces -We need to remember to remain grounded and practical as we move through this aspect. Be sure to notice any patterns of escapism, avoidance, or isolation and make corrections where necessary.

12/29&12/30 Venus in Cap conjunct Mercury RX in Cap This is a time to tie up loose ends, communications will be a bit hectic, and much will be revealed about relationships and business projects that you need to make decisions about. Be mindful of being overly critical in love, or setting extreme expectations and taking it personally when your loved ones cant meet your standards. Avoid shutting down and isolating, it will be tempting.

01/01/23 Venus in Cap conjunct Pluto in Cap Try not to be obsessive and overly critical or analytical within your relationships. Remember transformation is something that flows and power is something that grows it cannot be forced through control.

Most Challenging for: Aries, Cancer, Libra

Most beneficial for: Taurus, Virgo, Cap

Questions To Consider

  • Do you have some wish or desire you wont admit to?

  • What can you learn from the understanding and acceptance of your feminine energy?

  • In what ways have hyper-independence or a need for control sabotaged your relationships?

  • Check your birth chart and identify the house with Capricorn as its ruler. Ask yourself how you can bring more nurturing, discipline, commitment, and consistency to this area of life.

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