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Love Sex Pain & The Venus Report

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Venus is currently in libra as of 9/29 and will be in libra through 10/23

Venus in libra craves grace, elegance, balance, and beauty. We want adventure, expansion, and true collaboration.

Our understanding and negotiation skills are better, as we are more likely to be able to see and be accepting to different perspectives.

We want to spend our time and money on things that are aesthetically and emotionally pleasing. Basic is not enough under this influence.

Venus is the ruler of Libra with that being said love can be a whirlwind here but you must make sure the scales are balanced. No rose colored glossy eyes and avoiding conflict bc you want to be fair. Reminder to still stand on your boundaries even in love.

Cardinal Signs (Libra, Cap, Aries, Cancer)

Love: You will find that things are looking up for you in love as you come out of your head and get into the present moment. Seemingly during this transit you all are letting go of emotional disappointments and laying your grief to bed. You may not be at your happiest, however your starting to feel settled and whole again which strengthens you in forward movement. Whether you’re single or in a relationship I think you’ll find that your love life rewards you with the purity, nurturing, and support you’ve been craving. If you’ve lost your faith in love this transit will be a reminder to open your heart! Trust your discernment you got this!

Sex: You need adventure, fun, and freedom in sex. You need to be able to let go and lose control, submit, be praised, laugh and connect intimately and deeply in the process. Let your sexual energy serve as a channel for your emotional healing and release of control.

Pain: Triggers and feelings of insufficiency or lack of validation/attention as a child have kept you loving from a state of lack. You may be displaying some diva like behavior but really you just want to feel appreciated, heard, and understood. This transit will bring you the opportunity to review some of the roots of those triggers so you can improve your perceptions and get the spoiled treatment you deserve without feeling like you need to be a bully about it. All you need to do is let the grief go, ask for what you need, sit back, and receive

Mutable Signs( Gemini, Sag, Virgo,Pisces)

Love: Stop letting your loneliness out you into situations you know are not up to par with what you want.You crave a reliable, nurturing partner who can bring you security, new beginnings, and growth but you’re so conflicted about opening yourself up to receive that that it keeps you stuck. So then you go back to focusing on yourself, building, and being non commital until you begin to feel depleted and decided to start it right back up again. The cycle has to stop!

Sex: The perfect mix of pain and pleasure is calling out to you. You need an opportunity to show your strength and passion and feel magical while getting the punishment you may feel you deserve. You need some love making that’ll have you waking up sore in the morning and up all night! Let that thang swang!

Pain: You crave intimacy but you fear exposure and it keeps you feeling cursed in love more often than not. Stop wasting time in the gray and get clear about the type of love you want to offer so you can have a clear vision of the passion and love you wish to receive in return.

Fixed Signs( Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio)

Love: Deception, miscommunication, distance, nosiness and alienation of affection might have you out here feeling conflicted but he the change you want to see in love. You might find that you’re feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed during this transit. It’s important to have a partner that can offer some security, consistency, and relief

Sex: Long foreplay, nurturing, passion, and depth in sex is what you need! Rainy day,all day, cuddled up between the sheets, multiple rounds type of loving would serve you well.

Pain: You are tired of being taken advantage of, having your pain used against you, and You’re afraid of giving too much of yourself and looking stupid. Believe what people do and not what they say and you’ll find that you’re able to open yourself up more freely in love

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