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Love Sex Pain & The Venus Report

8/11-09/05 Venus Enters Leo

With Venus in Leo we are loving and nurturing, responsible, mature, and enlightening in love. The dark side is that we can be controlling, emotionally manipulative, vain, sensitive to criticism and overly dramatic. We want to look good, feel good, we want to come off as confident and radiant, we crave connection and attention, but want recognition for our strength, and the purity of our hearts. People always think Leos want attention form the world, but really if you know any Leos you know they just want love, honor, loyalty, and appreciation amongst the ones closest to them. Allow that sentiment to inspire you as we move through this transit.

  • Take some time to heighten your passion, sensuality, and expression in your relationships. Surround yourself with things that illuminate your mind, body, and soul at the heart level this will lead you in the right direction.

  • Ask yourself if you're really feeling seen, heard, and or appreciated in your relationships. Assess if any additional issues have stemmed form those needs and how you can better go about communicating and expressing them in more productive ways. Have you really allowed your heart to be seen and felt or are you afraid of the vulnerability of it all?

Affirmation: I am letting the light shine on what's been hidden, ordering my steps, and preparing for new beginnings in love.I am filled with power and beauty. The majesty of my heart shines from the inside out.I enjoy sharing my love and wisdom, as well as basking in the shine of others.

Love Sex Pain Reading 08/11-09/05

Cardinals ( Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra)

In order to strengthen your relationships during this period you need benefits, security, and expansion in love. You are not interested in stagnant or codependent relationships and you are ready to move into new ideas as you feel the expansion arising around you. You want some one on your side who can actively progress, prosper, protect, and love you along the way.

The painful aspect of this is that often once you realize the gravity of your standards you often feel too exposed and retreat which results in the dissolution in certain relationships you may not be ready to let go of. Despite the pain, history, back, and forth you are looking to endure. That is all fine as long as it is mutual and you are not over extending yourself. Its seems like Venus in Leo will bring you all great pleasure, companionship, emotional healing, clarity, and strength. I think you will realize the beauty in your heart and soften up a bit which might very well be needed.

In the sex department you guys need some sweet, soft kisses, long foreplay, and passionate teasing. You need to feel comfortable and confident in your sexual encounters so having sex with some one who already knows your body who you trust is probably best. You need to get out of your head let your freak flag fly, and act out those fantasies you've been secretly sitting on. It'll be fun and the judgement you are giving yourself will not be coming from your partner.

Oracle Message: You may feel like you are giving up at times, but you are simply surrendering to what is. You may not choose when, or how the love you seek will come but know that it is on the way as long as you deem yourself worthy of receiving it and surrender to the gift. Let go of control and embrace the love around you. Watch what unfolds!

You are a magnet for miracles, even in love.

Mutables ( Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini)

You guys have been feeling frustrated and unlucky in love. It seems like you can barely get comfortable with anyone and when you do you find that still you feel alone. Admired for your strength and resilience, always having to lead with logic and control instead of giving into your feelings. You really want emotional fulfillment and security and I think its closer than you know. You might just need to get out of your head and into your heart long enough to see it.

You are so afraid of submitting to your emotions and looking stupid that you have allowed your grief and fear to takeover your warmth and freedom. You don't even believe it's likely that you will ever get what you really want out of your love life or current relationship. You would rather simply settle for now, or be alone and although sometimes the detachment is freeing; herein lies the pain for you guys.

Sexually speaking yall are tired of the usual. You need some fun, fast, new, adventurous orgasmic experiences. I'm talking sex under the sunlight, quickies in the car, a little balcony or rooftop action. You need to be liberated and courageous in sex and love so go for it!

Oracle Message: The universe is always reflecting back to you what you believe. Insecurities typically are illusions based on social constructs and ideas that have nothing to do with the authenticity of your beauty or expression. The truth is that the universe is abundant and you are more than capable and worthy of having the type of love you desire. Not only that, but you are strong enough now in your wisdom to fully give that love as well. Let go of the fear and trust yourself and your own discernment. You've got this!

Fixed ( Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius)

You guys are so used to choosing the wrong person that you are alway waiting on the other shoe to drop and can never enjoy the passion and fun of a relationship for too long. This season will bring you redemption, fortune, and support in love but you have to allow it. Don't be so cold and standoffish. You're complaining about loneliness, emptiness, deception, and lack of depth but you keep everyone at arms length.

The pain here is that you don't want to be alone, but it is hard for you to balance vulnerability and agility with the control and independence you naturally carry. You want to be loved, however you are not seeking a mediocre love, you want majesty, allure, adventure and amazement in your relationships. You always feel the need to play small and lower your standards because you have a giving heart not realizing in the end you look crazy pulling out demands you never verbalized in disappointment and anger.

Sexually speaking you just need to have a good time and relieve some tension so whether you plan a steamy night wiht your lover, a nice sexy session with yourself, or go out and meet you a one night stand; lose the judgement let your freak flag fly and make sure you get yours.

Oracle Message: Take a step back, breathe, and observe. Try to approach love and relationships from a neutral nonjudgemental place and step back from the Frey and fire. Be patient and allow things to develp without jumping to any conclusions. Consider how far you've come, gain the clarity you need, and be clear about what you want. Clean up your baggage babe new, more inspiring things are coming to take those spots.

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