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Lessons from 2022 and Insights for 2023

It’s important to remember that this is only the end of the calendar year. Though we have been conditioned to believe that January is the new beginning it actually marks the beginning of the end. As we push from winter solstice to spring equinox think about the things you’d like to bring into the real new year. Lean into the energy of 7, make peace with the energies of Saturn and Neptune.

Neptune represents the connection between the dream world and the physical realm. It dissolves the barriers that separate us and opens us back up to source and unity consciousness. The wisdom of Neptune reminds us to lean into the tide, honor our emotions, lead with compassion, and focus on generational healing, spiritual depth, and resurrection. Saturn is the planet of law, discipline, order, and transformation. It is through Saturn that we learn the value of our physical experiences, and the consequences that comes as a result of our sins of man. We begin to understand the ideas of cause and effect, and embrace the energies of dominion and tradition in order to create better systems to transform through.

If you notice these energies can be quite heavy and way you down which further leads you to a place of rest. As this year comes to a close and we move into the energy of 7 (2023) we need to embrace ourselves, celebrate, and recalibrate. Think about what this year has taught you about your health, your inner snd outer beauty, grace, harmony, validation, momentum, and service to others. How have you grown and how do you plan to apply the knowledge you’ve gained going into next year?

Seven is a very spiritual number it brings mysticism, wisdom, success, rest, rejuvenation, and balance. God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. The 7 turns its back on the upcoming numbers, if does not start the heavy work of the 8. It looks back in retrospect on all the lessons it has learned in 1 through 6, or to reflect on work well done, just as God looked at His creation and saw that it was very good. We were told to do likewise. We were told to keep the Sabbath holy, meaning that it has spiritual and moral worth. By resting in 7 we build up our energy for the work we do in 8. The 8 has physical stamina, good health due to proper rest on the seventh. Here in 7 we find faith, we deepen our intuition, we open to love, compassion, dreams, and spiritual solace.

Take some time over the next 6 weeks and think about the practices that you want to bring into this 7 year to help you deepen your spiritual understanding, expand your soul care, and enhance your practice of rest and rejuvenation. We start January in a tough Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn but more than anything this retrograde will call for discipline, dominion, consistency, and clarity in your words and actions. Focus on that and refining where you feel lost and you'll be moving in the right direction.

Here are 6 lessons 2022 taught me

  • First discipline is king and people will remember what you do and how you make them feel, rarely what you say

  • Second you are as abundant as your heart is open. Possessive mind, stingy heart, and disassociation will have you stuck and depleted. Share yourself with the world and it will share its abundance with you.

  • Third Your body is your temple and your health both mental and physical will directly affect your ability to generate and expand your wealth. Take care of your mind, body, and heart actively, and intentionally , and spirit will take care of you.

  • Fourth Everything is mental but stagnancy comes from imbalance in the heart, mind, body trinity. God is love, god is change, god is balance, god is nature. Focus on these things and you will find god in the details every-time .

  • Fifth knowledge means nothing without active application. There is no point in having a whole bunch of access and info if you don’t use it intentionally and consistently.

  • Sixth your relationships are reflections of you, nurture them accordingly.

What did this 6 year of beauty, healing, revelation, and validation teach you? Answer down below in the comments.

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