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June Gems

Predictions & Forecast

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): This month brings opportunities for the Cardinal signs to take charge and initiate positive changes in their lives. You may feel a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to pursue your goals. Trust your instincts and take decisive action. Embrace your leadership qualities and be open to collaborating with others. Stay adaptable and flexible as unexpected opportunities may arise. The month ahead may have its challenges and moments of feeling disconnected or lost. However, it also indicates that you have the strength and resilience to overcome these obstacles. Take time for self-care, seek solace in solitude, and trust that the difficult times are paving the way for growth and new beginnings. Remember, the darkest moments often lead to the brightest transformations.You are loved and protected in all that you do remember that.

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): For the Fixed signs, June brings stability and the chance to solidify your plans. It's a time to focus on your long-term goals and make steady progress. Your determination and perseverance will be key to your success. Stay grounded and prioritize self-care to maintain your inner strength. Embrace any transformations that come your way and allow them to lead you to greater fulfillment. The month ahead is a time for self-care, emotional exploration, and tapping into your personal power. Take the necessary time for rest and rejuvenation especially on the mental level. Embrace your emotions and approach situations with an open heart. Believe in your own abilities and utilize your skills to manifest your dreams. Trust in your innate power to shape your reality and create positive outcomes. Be mindful to be open and accepting to valid criticism as it could reveal something standing in the way of your money and or love.

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): The Mutable signs can expect a month of flexibility and adaptability. Embrace change and be open to new experiences and perspectives. This is a time for learning, growth, and expanding your horizons. Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Maintain balance between your spiritual and practical pursuits. Stay connected to your inner wisdom and allow it to guide you on your journey. This month may involve facing remaining challenges with resilience and determination. Exercise caution and careful planning before embarking on new endeavors. However, don't let caution hold you back from embracing the opportunities presented. You have the ability to persevere and overcome any remaining hurdles. Keep pushing forward with determination and stay focused on your objectives.

Mantra of the Month

"During this month of vibrant energy and emotional depth, I embrace the qualities of adaptability, curiosity, and nurturing within me. I am open to new experiences and eagerly explore the diverse possibilities that unfold before me. I am flexible and embrace change, allowing it to propel me forward on my path of growth and self-discovery.

With every step I take, I trust my intuition to guide me towards my highest good. I honor the duality within me, recognizing that balance and harmony are key to my well-being. I communicate my thoughts and feelings with authenticity and compassion, fostering meaningful connections with others.

In this season of deep emotions, I honor and nurture my own needs. I create a safe and loving space within myself, allowing my emotions to flow freely, knowing that they hold valuable insights and wisdom. I am resilient and find strength in vulnerability, embracing the full spectrum of my emotions as a source of empowerment.

I embrace the energy of June, celebrating my uniqueness and embracing the connections I share with others. I radiate love, compassion, and understanding, creating a positive impact on those around me. As the sun shines brightly, I embrace my own inner light and share it with the world.

I am confident in my ability to navigate this transformative season, and I am grateful for the growth and abundance that unfold in my life. I am ready to embrace the magic and opportunities that June brings, and I step into this month with joy, purpose, and an open heart."

-Ase Empowered by Eleven

Also take the time to pick up a book or two from one of these lists. I will be reading Your Next Level by Karen Arrington & revisiting Its Not Your Money by Tosha Silver to put my focus and energies on overcoming blockages, protecting my focus, building fruitful connections, and not only attracting abundance, but getting a good steward of that abundance so it has a good foundation to expand on.

Transits to Remember

This month we are astrologically busy! We start the month with a beautiful conjunction of the north node and Jupiter in Taurus 6/1 which pushes us further to strengthen our connections for the purpose of growth, expansion, and improvement. Our lessons are integrated and we are now pushed to shift our philosophy and move forward in action with renewed perspective and optimism. Our faith is stronger and because of that support seems to come much easier.

The full moon in Sag 6/3 pushes us to let go of routines, philosophies, places, and thought patterns that hinder our expansion. As the old saying goes let go of that which is no longer serving you! Become clear about what you’re promoting, what you’re learning, and how you can reach outside of your normal routines and comfort towards evolution and wisdom.

6/17 Saturns retrograde will keep us reassessing our commitments and reviewing responsibilities, be mindful not to spend so much time thinking about what you need to that you fail to take action. Do not allow internalized self criticism, guilt, or doubt to imprison you in a cage of internalized fears. Try to remain clear, focused, and liberated in your thoughts and actions. It will be difficult under this influence.

The new moon in Gemini 6/18 further renews our thought processes, understanding, communications and relationships.

6/30 Neptunes retrograde may put a damper on our vision, decision making skills, and inspiration. This retrograde serves as a time to reconnect with spirit and get to the truth about what’s going on inside of you as it relates to your wishes, dreams, and spiritual connection. You may feel that on the physical level and practical plans things down, but try to resist the urge to resist if this is the case for you and ask yourself what your inner self is seeking to discover.

I hope you all have a blessed month and remember to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel for in depth readings for the month based on your sign, and further explanation on all of these transits. Book a soul session or subscribe to the wake it up forecast to find out how these transits will affect you on a personal level and get some foresight into what’s to come for this month.

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