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Full Moon in Gemini Ritual & Rites

The Full Moon at 4º51’ Gemini on November 27, serves as a touching  trigger, emphasizing the immense sway held by our words and thoughts. It calls upon us to wield these powers responsibly, consciously shaping our opinions and how we convey our messages. Those most closely aligned with early degrees of Mutable signs will feel the strongest effects , potentially experiencing transformative shifts in their perceptions and communication dynamics.

Intentions: Releasing old patterns of thinking and beliefs from early life that no longer serve us. Embrace conscious communication, shaping thoughts and expressions mindfully for personal growth and empowerment.

Effects: Expect heightened awareness and transformative potential, particularly in communication habits and self-expression.

As the Full Moon aligns with Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, it signifies a culmination of learning processes, urging us to release outdated beliefs and thinking patterns that hinder personal growth. During Sagittarius season, flexibility and openness to varied perspectives become paramount. This phase prompts a delicate balance between logical reasoning and intuitive understanding, inviting us to harmonize our inner guidance with informed decision-making.

Astrologically, the Full Moon opposes Mars, squares Saturn, and trines Pluto, fostering a complex interplay of impulsivity, emotional restraint, and transformative energies. This configuration offers an opportunity to observe and integrate conflicting urges and emotions, fostering personal growth and heightened awareness.

Mercury's square to Neptune challenges our perception of reality, potentially inducing confusion or uncertainty. It urges us to discern between belief and absolute truth, navigating through the fog of uncertainty with grounded awareness.

The Gemini Full Moon calls for awareness of the immense influence of our attention, words, and thoughts. It prompts reflection on our internal dialogues, emphasizing the need for responsible communication and an intention to discard thought patterns that hinder personal growth.

Affirmation: "I wield my words and thoughts wisely, shaping a reality aligned with growth and empowerment."

Deep Fear & Blockage Inventory Ritual

1.Deepest Fear Inventory: Take a sheet of paper (important to use physical paper) and write at the top, “Dear [Divinity of your choice], I hate and resent _______________ because I have a deep fear that _____________." Quickly write down at least 20 deep fears, exposing hidden fears and resentments.

Sample Deepest Fear Inventory:

Dear Holy Spirit

I resent receiving wealth easily because I fear it might make me lose touch with gratitude and immediacy. I also fear my ego becoming unimportant without hard work. Please remove these fears and guide me in your will. Amen.

Remember, you can create multiple inventories addressing different aspects of your fears and beliefs. For example:

- "I resent feeling highly valued and desired by others because I fear it might lead to _____."

- "I resent magnetizing all good things because I fear it might _____."

- "I resent always having much more than I need because I fear it might _____."

2. Prayer for Release:On a separate sheet of the paper, write, “Divinity, I ask that you remove these fears. I pray only for knowledge of your will for me and the power to carry it out. Amen.”

3. Witnessed Reading:Find a trusted person to read your Deepest Fear Inventory aloud too. This person merely listens without further discussion, acknowledging your honesty with a simple "thank you for your honesty."

4. Release Ceremony:After the reading, burn  the inventory sheet, expressing gratitude to your listener, then flush the remnants. This act symbolizes a banishing spell, releasing these fears from your consciousness.

5. Embrace the Magic of Witnessing:Recognize the potency in being witnessed by another human consciousness as you acknowledge and release deep-seated fears and emotional blocks.

This ritual invites you to dive into your unconscious fears, acknowledge them, and release their hold on your consciousness. It allows for a transformative experience by bringing hidden fears into the light and letting go of their power over your life. Feel free to revisit it as necessary. Close out with the devotional and psalm.

Devotional:Create a serene space, light a yellow candle symbolizing mental clarity, and meditate on embracing versatile and responsible communication.

Psalm: Psalm 141:3-4 (NIV)

"Set a guard over my mouth, Lord;

    keep watch over the door of my lips.

Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil

    so that I take part in wicked deeds

along with those who are evildoers;

    do not let me eat their delicacies."

This Psalm emphasizes the importance of being mindful of our words and thoughts, seeking guidance to speak and think in alignment with higher principles. It acknowledges the significance of guarding our speech against negativity and embracing wisdom to refrain from engaging in harmful actions or thoughts.

Harness the energy of this Gemini Full Moon to refine communication patterns, embrace responsible expression, and empower your reality through mindful thoughts and words.

Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread

1. Revealed Truths in Sagittarius' Fire:What higher truths or spiritual insights are emerging now through Sagittarius' fiery energy?

2. Global and Social Responsibility Reflection: What discussions or responsibilities in global or social contexts are seeking your attention?

3.Detail Focus for Empowerment:Where can focusing on details amplify your ability to achieve your goals?

4. Balancing Higher and Lower Self:What direction aligns both your aspirations and grounded reality for personal growth?

5. Breaking Free from Karmic Patterns:How can you break free from ancestral or karmic patterns for personal evolution?

6. Conscious Release and Hidden Aspects:What needs to be consciously released, and what lies in the shadows waiting for illumination?

7. Expected Growth and Expansion: What areas of your life are set for growth and expansion in the upcoming moon cycle?

8. Moon's Message:What guidance or message does the Moon offer you during this phase of introspection?

9. Ancestral Wisdom:What guidance or message do your ancestors offer you in navigating this transformative phase?

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