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End of Year Reflection, Redemption, & Reawakening

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Whew y'all, I thought I would just start this blog off with some real talk and quick reflections of my own from this year. (2022) is a 6 year; 6 is a number that represents healing, beauty, splendor, spirituality, and compassion. This year was supposed to bridge the gap for us between compassion and judgement, between strength and vulnerability, and between intellect and emotion. I don't know about yall but it has for sure done that for me. This year started off very low for me. I was supposed to be a happy newlywed with a thriving business, and a bright future. I was a happy newlywed but I felt a lot of negative emotions surrounding family, friends, business, and community. The business honestly was not thriving as I had hoped, the community was feeling weak and inauthentic, and the family was feeling triggering and turbulent. On top of that I was making the least amount of money I had made in years not only in business, but in general. Outside of the support of my wife, my mom, and a couple of friends I felt alone, vulnerable, exposed, and weak. I thought something must be wrong with me and I mustn't be in alignment with my purpose. There were days when I asked myself why I was still here, and barely had the motivation to keep going.

It was in the midst of that darkness where I realized I had to stop being hyper independent, and isolating yet crying out for community. I had to understand that not everything fell onto my shoulders and it was ok to need help and ask for support. I had to stop being so critical of the short comings of everyone I was dealing with and look at what I had failed to give myself. I had to remember my purpose, allow myself to grieve, and open my heart back up. A stingy soul will always be depleted and I had not realized just how stingy, cynical, and cold I had become. It took me from about April until July to start feeling like myself again, and being sick on and off since my trip to the Dominican Repubic has definitely given me some additional time to assess, regroup, and calculate how I intend to move on as we go deeper into the dark period of the year.

After awareness though, application is bred and I began to apply the principles that started my spiritual journey, I was led back to the basics, the foundations, and the realm of healing through ritual, meditation, and spirit. I had to get back to applying those basic principles, and reconnecting myself to the all, to God, and to nature. In doing that I feel revived, I feel generous, and evolved. As we close this year out I want to invite you to reflect on where you've been challenged, what has been reawakened within you, and where you have found redemption. 2023 is a 7 year. 7 invites us to be patient through our challenges, and embrace our strength and God who is eternal and everlasting above all else. We begin to understand the weaknesses of our human nature and learn to balance them out with the strengths and consciousness of our eternal souls. We understand that simply by being incarnated here at this time in human form, we are chosen. There is nothing else we need to validate our experience but breath, heart, and nature. Within this awareness we welcome evolution, assessment, integrity, and purpose. I invite you to rejoice in this understanding as we move into this portal of 2023. Know that you are protected, actively cleanse, assess, and sacrifice, and welcome vulnerability, repair, and rest amidst the highs and lows. Cheers to the rest of this year and the new year to come.

Astrological Transits to Remember

11/30 1st Quarter Pisces Moon This is a time to take action on the things you have set intentions for and go harder in building the necessary connections and making the necessary amends to push you towards success. Don’t be afraid to assess, sacrifice, mourn, release, and give closure to troubles, patterns, and habits that will keep you stuck. All the watery energy of this moon to envelop you with tenderness, grace, compassion, and cleansing. Welcome the strength and the stillness of the waters where you need to.

12/3 Neptune Direct in Pisces While Neptune was in retrograde we were prone to escapism, delusion, and a lack of clarity. We were feeling more connected to the pain, suffering, and separation of the world. With this energy coming out of retrograde we will notice more of a warmth, and compassion in our vision. We will find clarity in our subconscious thoughts, and we will be more likely to be connected with parts of ourselves or other people that bring us the spiritual lessons, depth, and knowledge we need to move into a state of wisdom. This energy invites us to clarify, redirect, and allow the vision to flow, the highs and the lows, the turbulence, the stillness, and the vitality.

12/6 Mercury Moves to Cap This energy is practical, calculated, and a bit cold. ? We need to be mindful not to think we are always right; or that our way is the only way. The good thing about this transit though is that is will provide us with clear thought, direction, and strategy to prepare us for the climb. We will also be a lot more grounded and practical due to the tendency to avoid allowing our emotions to outweigh reasoning in our actions. Mercury will retrograde in Cap 12/29. Be mindful of pre-retrograde shadow

12/7 Gemini Full Moon Balance between logic and intuition Is the main theme of this moon. Take the time to Reflect on the year as a whole and what you’ve learned, celebrate your growth accomplishments and or small wins. Lean into active listening, mirror work, and refection. Understand and connect, you'll need it in the long run community and collaboration are key. During the 3 days before and after the full moon, as well as of course thee day of sometimes it might be best to write it out instead of saying it; so journal and take the high road in conflict. Take the time to embrace your shadows and speak to them with grace, welcome them to work for you, not against you. Redefine your message, get clear about who you are; the good, bad, and the ugly.

12/9 Venus moves to Cap With Venus in Capricorn we wish to manage our love affairs on more of a practical level. We want to build relationships that are beneficial to our legacy, supportive of our ambitions, and helpful in the sharpening of our wisdom and mastery. It is not enough to simply look good or have attraction. There must be benefits, balance, and lessons in love as we transit this energy.

12/16 Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

12/20 Jupiter Moves to Aries is about courage, leadership, and taking risks. How far are you willing to expand your philosophy, knowledge, skills, and understanding to walk into the abundance you seek? How deeply are you willing to explore, and actively express yourself in order to establish your inner world outside of yourself? This is a time to claim your true self, meet your challenges with bravery, and face your fears with confidence. /if you believe you cannot do it, try anyways!

12/21 Sun Moves to Cap After acquiring vision during Sagittarius season we return to the understanding of our duties here as conscious souls having a physical experience. We begin to see the joy in this word-ly mission and our ambitions are fed. We lean more into action and making our marks while we are here. We learn to embrace and fulfill our responsibilities with pleasure, consistency, and dedication. It is during this time that we focus on not only dreaming of who we will become in this world, but establishing and applying dominion in action to mold that vision.

12/23 New Moon in Cap This energy reminds is that it is the natural order of things for spirit to materialize. It welcomes us to give our ideas a body and allow them to take ambition not only with the faith, support, and knowledge we have gained; but with discipline and mastery in mind. Afterall, what is getting to the top or attaining your ideal image of success without security, structure, and stability in staying there. Take a look at the legacy you want to leave behind, ask yourself what action you can take today to get one step closer, and offer yourself some solace and healing through discipline, dominion, and responsibility.

12/23 Chiron direct in Aries reminds us to face the traumas, fear, psychological, and emotional blocks surrounding self-acceptance and assertion. You may find that you are a bit more triggered and impulsive in your reactions under this influence. Concealed childhood traumas may reveal themselves for the purpose of cleansing and release. Now is the time to ask yourself if you have been able to support, encourage, and transform the lives of others but struggle to facilitate that same space for yourself. Take assessment of the ways in which you feel as though you have been forced to be someone or something you are not and push yourself if you need a reminder of your right to exist and express yourself.

12/29 1st Quarter Moon in Aries

End Of Year Tarot Spread

• Things to keep from this year

• Things to release from this year

• Theme of the year ahead

• Things to focus on as we close out the year

• Things to be aware of as the year comes to an end

• Action to take over the next 6-8 weeks

• Pitfalls to avoid over the next 6-8 weeks

• Opportunities, Open roads, & Potential

• Food for the soul

• Message from Spirit


A Quick Ritual for Good Measure

Never start any ritual without cleansing. Cleanse your home, yourself, the kids, and the dogs. If you don't have time to deep clean, at least cleanse yourself and your working area, do a good smudge also.You will notice as move through Sagittarius and Capricorn season that there's a running theme of mental excitement, overwhelm, burnout, and repeat. We are spinning our wheels trying to figure out how to get those big visions we have down to earth and start walking in them. So desperately we are seeking the answers on where to start, what to believe, what to refine, what needs releasing, what are we mastering, how will we ever move into purpose and peace. How we will create the heaven we envision for ourselves on this earth. I want you to take a second to stop wondering about what you should learn; what you should heal; and what you should believe based on what you see and ask yourself what is true for you. Ask yourself what you feel as though you inherently just know; what flows through you; what fulfills your heart and mind. From that place of inquiry you can get a better glimpse into what you already have that needs to be amplified, and what you need to seek in order to master and apply. I want to invite you to release judgement, assess your fears, clarify your direction, and dare to focus, discern, master, and break free. Open your heart to new philosphy and fulfillment. In order to do this we need protection, purification, vision, and an open heart. I've provided here a simple ritual you can do in order to get things started. After you have cleansed take a white candle and dress it in rose, cinnamon, rosemary, and dill. Before lighting your candle begin with with the journals, write out those scriptures and recite them aloud, light your cndle , say any remaining incantations, and intentions, then finish up with the meditation below.

End of year Journal Prompts

  • What are you most grateful for this year in lessons and in life?

  • What do you feel is blocking you or clouding your vision at this time?

  • What do you believe is hidden behind the fog and distractions?

  • Do you believe that discipline is a form of self care? Why or why not?

  • What can you forgive yourself for this year?

  • Who would you like to become in the next 6 months?

Scriptures to Write & Recite

- Psalm 40 vs 13-17 clearing the obstacles in your path

- Psalm 49 vs 3 to find the hidden answers and move in wisdom

- Psalm 80 vs 3 for clear vision and mental clarity

If you would like future access to in depth transit info, rituals, lunar celebrations, and classes sign up for the Moonchild Tribe by subscribing to Moonlit Magic, Glow Up Goddess or Illuminate Inception using the button below

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