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August Moons

Lunar Highlights

8/11 Full Moon in Aquarius

The sun in Leo encourages our confidence and motivates our will. We feel obligated to defend our self-expression, individuality, and creativity. We are not afraid to assert dominance or control where necessary under this influence, and we can be a bit dramatic if we feel unseen or unheard. The moon in Aquarius reminds us that sometimes we don’t need to stand out to be seen, heard, or felt, and encourages us to release some of those egotistical tendencies in order to further our connections with the collective and get the understanding and change we seek. Take assessment and ask yourself how far you have come since our New Moon in Aquarius at the end of January. Take a moment to reflect on what have you accomplished, what do you wish to let go of, what has revealed itself as a blockage to you, and what action do you intend to take in order to release these blockages?

8/19 Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

It is important during this phase to restore ourselves physically and mentally. We need to nr letting go of anything lingering that is blocking our forward movement, work on forgiveness and adaptation before we get ready to plant new seeds at the new moon.

8/27 New Moon in Virgo This moon affirms the above energies and encourages us to get our houses in order and set stable and consistent routines towards growth. This energy is just what we need in thick of retrograde season. Set intentions towards order, clarity, balance, and healing and watch the seeds blossom joyfully. Get your tickets to Seed of the Soul Virgo Edition and all other lunar retreats by signing up for Intentional Illumination the lowest tier subscription to the Moonlit Tribe.

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