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August Astrology + Predictions

8/15-09/05 Divine Mid Month Forecast

Mutables( Sag, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini): You might be feeling a bit anxious as it just seems like things are moving fast. You are good at adapting to change, and shifting with the tide and this next few weeks will require just that of you. Seemingly a lot of things you have been working towards are blossoming and the budding new beginnings you have been questioning are becoming more concrete. You will find that as you continue to lean into discipline and vulnerability manifestation becomes a breeze. Avoid questioning your intuition and allowing fear to freeze you as this can lead to stagnancy with the energies of the coming weeks for you. Remember that spirit is infused in everything allow it to lead you when the discomfort or vulnerability become too much or when weighed down by your insecurities.

Cardinals( Aries,Cap, Cancer,Libra): You have been feeling heavy and its time to lighten the load. You are being asked to slow down, refine, reflect, and review so that when you do move forward it can feel liberating and fulfilling. Stop trying to do thing just to say you did them and do them with passion, love, wisdom, intellect, and ingenuity. Things may seem as though they are moving slow but the truth is this couple of weeks is about sharpening your sword. Slow down and get your mind clear and focused and you will find that the harvest you have been seeking was closer than you thought all along. Abundance is a natural state regardless of the lack you may feel. always remember that.

Fixed(Leo, Taurus, Scorpio,Aquarius):This might be a tough time for some of you as it seems like the pain you have been pushing through, the grief you have been avoiding, and the insecurities you've been wrapping up in superficialities are coming back to haunt you. You are being called to really do some shadow work and ask how loyal to yourself you have truly been. Lately you have been doing a lot of starting and stopping due to skipping steps and spirit is saying start from the bottom and step by step climb up. Victory, prosperity, and new opportunities await you at the finish line. There is nothing to it but to do it!


8/4 Mercury moves to Virgo This transit reminds us to revisit our inner wealth and make sure it shines outward. It inspires us to dream and express on a higher level and pay attention to the details. We are focused, efficient, critical, and ambitious. Judgement and perfectionism might be drawbacks here so do keep that in mind.

8/11 Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo we are loving and nurturing, responsible, mature, and enlightening in love. The dark side is that we can be controlling, emotionally manipulative, vain, sensitive to criticism and overly dramatic. Take some time to heighten your passion, sensuality, and expression in your relationships. Surround yourself with things that illuminate your mind, body, and soul at the heart level this will lead you in the right direction.

8/11 Full Moon in Aquarius

The sun in Leo encourages our confidence and motivates our will. We feel obligated to defend our self-expression, individuality, and creativity. We are not afraid to assert dominance or control where necessary under this influence, and we can be a bit dramatic if we feel unseen or unheard. The moon in Aquarius reminds us that sometimes we don’t need to stand out to be seen, heard, or felt, and encourages us to release some of those egotistical tendencies in order to further our connections with the collective and get the understanding and change we seek. Take assessment and ask yourself how far you have come since our New Moon in Aquarius at the end of January. Take a moment to reflect on what have you accomplished, what do you wish to let go of, what has revealed itself as a blockage to you, and what action do you intend to take in order to release these blockages?

8/19 Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

It is important during this phase to restore ourselves physically and mentally. We need to nr letting go of anything lingering that is blocking our forward movement, work on forgiveness and adaptation before we get ready to plant new seeds at the new moon.

8/20 Mars Enters Gemini

This transit can be heavy and overwhelming because our brains are illuminated and inspired with curiosity, passion, and drive. While this may sound like a good thing it can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, over analyzation and burn out. We may find that we are so exhausted from contemplating our tasks, desires, and needs that we have trouble taking action. We can become gluttons for punishment, self doubt, and be very hard on ourselves with this energy. I encourage you to find a practice that helps you get out of your head and into your body. Practice accepting yourself where you are and as you are, be kind and gracious with yourself. You deserve it.

8/21 Vesta Retrograde in Aquarius

This transit speaks to the nature of how we break from old patterns and try out new things. We can see where in our own lives we need a spark of change, realizing the limits of our own structures and systems we depend upon. We may find ourselves trapped in a bubble of our own making in consciousness and technology it's important to remind yourself to think freely and welcome unorthodox methods. Afterall, it’s a time for change!

8/22 Sun enters Virgo

Virgo season is about going within and embracing your inner light. After the flashy show of Leo season we are encouraged to withdraw, reflect, and rest in our hearts. We are asked to review the knowledge we have gained and celebrate the harvests. We are asked to make peace with any unresolved tension in our relationships, set and re-establish our boundaries, and understand the balance between over isolating ourselves, and making intentional social connections. Knowledge only becomes wisdom with application and Virgo season reminds us that sometimes our growth lies in the details within our own hearts, minds, intentions, and integrity.

8/24 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

On a collective level the way we view assets, our traditions, values, morals, assets and connection to the material world is shifting. Great progress can be achieved as revolutionary approaches to saving the planet are considered and made manifest. You will feel called to ground yourself and reconnect with nature and I encourage you to do so. We will see a certain level of collective madness, division, and extreme ego. Stay protected, focused, and be integrous, it will serve you well in the long run.

8/25 Mercury Enters Libra

Decisions that have seemed far off and cloudy will seem closer in reach and clear during this period. You will be able to maintain a clear and balanced perspective while still staying true to what is right for you. /be very clear and direct in your intentions and communications and you're likely to be rewarded by it. Avoid falling into patterns of procrastination, martyrdom, and over thinking.

8/27 New Moon in Virgo

This moon affirms the above energies and encourages us to get our houses in order and set stable and consistent routines towards growth. This energy is just what we need in thick of retrograde season. Set intentions towards order, clarity, balance, and healing and watch the seeds blossom joyfully. Get your tickets to Seed of the Soul Virgo Edition and all lunar retreats by signing up for illuminate inception. ( link below)

8/29 & 9/3True node semi sextile Chiron

These transits will open up a pathway for healing and transformation as we are forced to see how our core wounds and lessons have affected us thus far, and are faced with obstacles to navigate change.


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