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April Astroteas + Predictions

Mantra: I am that I am. I let go of what is no longer serving me and give order to what remains. I trust myself to take courageous and intentional action towards my vision. I am worthy I am whole I am wise, and I am free.

Affirmation: I stand in the fullest expression of my authentic truth. I will not sacrifice who i am to make others comfortable. I love and accept myself in all ways

Ritual: Pick a time of day and dance in the mirror like no one is watching. I mean really go all in. Whether you want to be sexy, technical, playful or fun allow yourself to dance freely and openly without judgement. Really let loose, be free, and dance until your heart is content, then recite the mantra and affirmation above.

Aries energy deals with the first house which calls us to be authentic, take initiative, and pioneer brave new beginnings for ourselves by trusting and moving in our own power. Blazing new trails, Initiating high energy opportunities, and being about it more so than talking about it is what’s on the agenda. With spring equinox, Pluto loving to Aquarius, and this Aries new moon popping off during Aries season now is the time to make your impression. Move with confidence, tenacity, and passion, trust in your autonomy, and open your heart to the world around you and watch the magic happen.

Tarot Cards: Emperor the emperor reminds us to use our powers for transformation, and use righteous authority and drive to pave the way. He reminds us of the power that lies in service, autonomy, and dominion. (Aries)

3 of Wands: This card symbolizes centeredness, and collaboration for completion. It comes with a merging of the mind, body, and spirit. The foundation has been built, the action has ensued and now commitment and dedication will take you the rest of the way. It also indicates a readiness for love or connection. When you have confidence in yourself and center you can better collaborate and negotiate with others, reflecting your light upon the world. ( Sun in Aries)

4 of Wands: This card comes with resolution, clarity, comfort, joy, celebration, and security. It represents a happy heart which usually breeds a happy home. It brings things full circle allowing you to complete and cleanse yourself of the old and walk freely and confidently into the new. It reminds us to see others as a reflection of ourselves and balance any issues and resentments through a strong centered resolution. ( Venus in Aries)

Books of the Month: The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz ( a book to keep your head and heart clear as we push into retrograde season), Opening To Darkness by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel( a wonderful book to get your new year started on the right path despite the darkness of the world) , & Two Wrongs Don't Make it Right by Brenda Hampton ( a feel good, fun, fiction read to keep you entertained)

Wake It Up Forecast Tarot Reading:

Questions to Consider

1. What revitalization does your life need?What steps do you intend to take towards this?

2.Do you doubt your virtues? If so why is the doubt truly yours or has it been impressed upon you?

3.Are you prepared to accept your loved ones as they are now despite your differences? What action can you take to promote clarity and resolution?

4.In what areas of life have you been too brash, harsh, or withdrawn? How can you be more impeccable with your word?

5. 12 months from now what do you see for yourself? What are 3 things you intend to accomplish, two connections you intend to make, and one new thing you intend to learn?

Transits To Note

Mar 19 Mercury enters Aries Be very mindful of the impressions you give off, even the very first time assumptions and incomplete judgements are likely. Attention spans are likely to be short, words are likely to be sharp and blunt. If you are looking to learn something new, teach a new subject, or take on a new project work in small steps at a time as focus is likely to he scattered. Watch out for impulsivity due to overthinking!

Mar 20 Sun enters Aries Aries season deals with the first house level of it which calls us to be authentic, take initiative, and pioneer brave new beginnings for ourselves by trusting and moving in our own power.

Mar 23 Pluto enters Aquarius Pluto only changes signs about every 20 years so this is the most important transit of the year. As it changes signs it activates a new part of your chart which shifts the direction or trajectory of your life. In 2023 Pluto will only spend 3 months in Aquarius and this will give you a nice preview into what is to come over this next 20 year cycle. Here we find ourselves fighting for freedom, civil liberty, independence, and authenticity. After the rigidity of Pluto in Capricorn it is time to deconstruct, reinvent, and redirect. This energy forces transformation, and may cause destruction for the sake of detachment and rebuilding. We will see a lot of the negative aspects of technology, AI, and outsourcing will be exposed. Buckle up, the ride will be interesting, but quite bumpy nonetheless. Fixed signs may find profound revelation, and jolting reality checks during this time. Gemini and Libra are likely to feel innovative, empowered, and embolden; Aries and Sags will learn deep lessons and find profound insights under this influence. Take a look at your transits and find out which house Pluto will be illuminating in your chart so you know which area of life will likely be most directly effected. Pluto's greatest strength is shadow integration. You cant run or hide from your shadows so you might as well embrace them.

Mar 25 Mars enters Cancer the key to this transit is being flexible and open to powerful change. During this time you may find yourself steered in a direction that you didn’t think was on your map. Allow I, flow into it, and let the change transform you. Under the influence of this transit we must learn to balance our emotions with our energy, and use our emotion to fuel our drive in a transformative way instead of becoming shut down due to our feelings. We will be innovative, perceptive, protective, nurturing, and sensitive as mars move through cancer. Be mindful not to let passive aggression cause stagnancy or blow ups in your communications.

Apr 3 Mercury enters Taurus Common sense becomes common when Mercury transits Taurus. We are more focused on what's real, what we can see, and what we actually have physical access to or control over. This is a time when we will be more so in tuned with our physical realities and rigid in our thinking and perceptions. The great thing is our focus will be more solid and direct, long term plans are likely to become more clear and complete with vision, communication, and action; and our communications with others are usually pleasurable and purposeful so long as we are in the company of like minds. We may be more stubborn, blunt, and come off as more cold at times which can be the negative side to this transit.

Apr 11 Venus enters Gemini When Venus is in Gemini we are social, creative, and communicative. /We prefer things to be fun, intellectually stimulating, and light hearted in love. During this transit we wish to explore the beauty and bounty of the sensual world with wisdom, diplomacy, and dignity. We begin to understand that depth doesn’t ruin things, it only makes them more beautiful and we become more open to the intellectual intimacy required to enhance and expand our relationships.

Apr 21- May 14 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will bring us opportunity for financial organization, strategy, and expansion. It will also bring us clarity and connection in business and career. As far as relationships and communications go, we need to go into a reflective mode and really define our worth so that we are not riled up every single time our character is brought int question or we fee triggered. We need to be very mindful of not only what we say, but how we say t, and how ready we are to stand behind it. Being impeccable with your word under this retrograde will be key and as always for retrograde reading I recommend The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Gemini and Taurus as well as Libras need to be mindful of the urge to overspend or over indulge in luxury.

Moons to Remember

Mar 21 New Moon in Aries

Apr 6 Full Moon in Libra This full moon will work to further illuminate the areas where we still need balance, nurturing, forgiveness, structure, justice, and improvement. In particular relationship imbalances and flaws are more likely to erupt or become more noticeable for the purpose of healing and release. We need to take the time during this moon to embrace harmony, release judgement, and adopt compromise. Join the moonchild tribe to participate in my Solutions to the Soul Full Moon Retreat. We will be doing a ritual, meditation, divination, journaling, and astrological breakdown of this moon. You can also book your own personal solutions to the soul session where you get all those goodies 1 on 1, plus we review your personal transits, and how this next cycle will affect you as we push to our new moon in Aries.

Apr 13 Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn This is our time to get centered, aligned, and directed in our intentions. We need to focus on getting the boring routine tasks done especially when it comes to business and finances. This is our last stop before its time to really lay the groundwork and get our intentions going for the new year before this second new moon in Aries. Staying rooted, grounded, clear, and practical is key.

Apr 20 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries This new moon further pushes the intentions of Aries season our new moon in Aries in /march was in the first degrees of Aries and this ne falls in the final degree of Aries. This is the first eclipse in our set of eclipses falling into the Aries-Libra axis. Changes as it relates to independence, self assertion, courage, new beginnings, and long term plans for your new path should be the main focus. This moon will square Pluto which brings clarity and could remove some long standing obstacles, most importantly we need to think about our relationships with ourselves, change, and the world around us. Are you being defined by the world around you, or are you establishing your own definitions within the world and yourself is a great question to pose for yourself. Jupiter aligning with this moon brings favor, expansion optimism, resourcefulness, philosophy, and support to our intentions so be sure to tap in. Check the house Aries is in in your personal birth chart and expect some new developments and realizations in that area. Book your personal New Moon retreat or join the moonchild tribe to get access to the new moon meditation, reading, ritual, and journals.

Apr 27 First Quarter Moon in Leo Its not about what you present, but how you actually show up. This is not a time to allow your pride or ego to get the best of you. Show up, show out, and be authentic despite the obstacles, judgements, or fears that may emerge. Challenge yourself with honor and integrity, you'll be satisfied with the results in the end.

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