Shaunie Smith

I was put here to spread messages,

sent to mend hearts, and minds with my fingers made to be tools of relief;

My mouth to speak peace within battered  souls and broken hearts;

My eyes to see the truth, beauty, karmic lessons, and abundance to come. In a world cold with ugly egos and greed I have been blessed with warmth.

May the heat of my passion and my love of redemption and evolution lead you through your problems to choose me in aiding you in creating a solution.   #purposefulprayer  



What Our Customers Are Saying

Compassionate, reliable, dependable and accessible are few of the words I would use to describe my spiritual counsellor and sister. She's authentic and very accurate; through her guidance I have been able to heal and move forward in peace, love and compassion. Striking the ideal balance that I needed for my continued growth. If you're looking to delve deeper into your identity through astrology or your guides then look no further, instead join our family sip, submit, practice and watch your life transform.

Brenda Brown



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