I am a vessel between realms it is my goal to relay the messages of your subconscious to you.  I am here to help you face your demons and bring truth to the forefront. Every reading I provide includes a mix of clairaudience, intuitive tarot, oracle messages, astrology, and numerology in order to give you the most insight, depth, and direction possible. I am very direct in my reading style and will probe to ensure I pull out the details you need.#ComeCatchTheseCards


Consciously Conjured Cosmetics

Each product is charged under the light of the moon.  All ingredients are organic, holistic, and have a blend of medicinal and magical properties. Handcrafted in small batches  and infused with love, magic, and healing. Get your glow on with Moonglow Cosmetics by Eleven Moons.



I am well versed in several modalities of massage including but not limited to Swedish, hot stone, deep massage, deep tissue, active and passive release, reflexology, and energy works such as reiki healing. Intuitive muscle testing, stretching, and acupressure are also a huge part of my practice. Each product I use during the session from oils, and creams to facial masks are all hand crafted by me and made of holistic ingredients. Each session will be structured to cater to your massage needs. I am here to provide lasting healing by opening up certain energy centers in the body through touch and using my intellectual knowledge of the muscles to relieve tension. #ComeCatchTheseHands



What Our Customers Are Saying

Compassionate, reliable, dependable and accessible are few of the words I would use to describe my spiritual counsellor and sister. She's authentic and very accurate; through her guidance I have been able to heal and move forward in peace, love and compassion. Striking the ideal balance that I needed for my continued growth. If you're looking to delve deeper into your identity through astrology or your guides then look no further, instead join our family sip, submit, practice and watch your life transform.

Brenda Brown



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