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Welcome to Empowered by Eleven, where the enchantment of mindfulness, metaphysics, and magic empowers you to break free from barriers and bound into the brilliance you're meant for, effortlessly transcending trials along the way. Explore our spellbinding concoctions, enchanted rituals, and empowering experiences that will ignite your inner fire and leave you enlightened and emboldened. Step into the realm of Empowered by Eleven offerings and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation.

This is a great place to start. Discover the information you've been seeking regarding love, friendships, family, career, and your general life path in this all-inclusive session. Delve deep into the realms of divination, unlock the secrets of key astrological placements and transits, and explore the depths of your innermost feelings. Allow me to assist you in navigating through current conflicts, delays, or blocks in your life, providing clarity and empowering you to move forward with confidence. 

 Embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth through our transformative 1 on 1 or group programs.Each week, we will delve into different facets of your spiritual path, ancestral connection, healing, and manifestation. Allow me to be your guide as we traverse the gateway to personal growth, spiritual transformation, and a deeper connection with the unseen realms. Embrace this sacred journey and witness the magic unfold within you. Together, we will weave rituals and practices that will ignite your inner power and create lasting transformation in your life.

Subscribe to my captivating blog that takes you on a cosmic adventure through astrology, spirituality, and personal growth. Immerse yourself in detailed insights on celestial transits, personalized forecasts, divination techniques, uplifting affirmations, enchanting book reviews, transformative rituals, and inspiring stories from my own spiritual journey. This sanctuary of wisdom and inspiration invites you to embrace the boundless possibilities of self-discovery and empowerment.

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“Shaunie is THE BEST!!! I was never the type of person to want to do readings at first, but a friend put me on and so I became open to it. We had our first reading back in December of 2022 and from there I was hooked to Shaunie. When I say she’s on point and never lie! She also gives you advice from what spirit says and goes deeper so that you really understand. Also she’s really easy to talk with and also checks in on you even when you’re not asking for a reading. She actually cares! So I recommend you hit her up NOW and watch your life change for the better!!! Thank you Shaunie for everything you’re the BEST! Looking forward to our next booking!"

Brittney Benson

Drop A Rose ( Review)

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Hey there, I'm Shaunie, your trusted guide through life's twists and turns. Whether you're delving into the depths of astrology to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and uncover insights into yourself, or seeking solace and healing through the ancient wisdom of hoodoo, I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way. With over a decade of experience as a practitioner in astrology, hoodoo, conjure, and divination, along with certifications as a meditation teacher, life coach, and reiki master, I bring a wealth of expertise and support to our journey toward self-knowledge and accountability.

Together, we'll explore the fusion of mindfulness, metaphysics, and a sprinkle of magic to unravel the mysteries of your soul and unlock your inner power. Our journey will transform obstacles into opportunities, guiding you toward the greatness that has always been within your reach.

I've traversed my own winding path of self-discovery for over a decade, and it's taught me that magic exists in every moment, even in the toughest challenges. That's why I'm deeply passionate about infusing your life with an extra touch of enchantment, empowering you to break free from limitations and unearth the boundless potential that lies within you.

So, are you ready to embark on this adventure of self-discovery and accountability through the language of astrology? Let's dive in together and uncover the magic that resides within your soul. Remember, you're divinely protected, guided, and deeply loved in all that you are and all that you do. Trust in the process, and together, we'll manifest the transformation you've been longing for.

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